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Sustainabilitycorp is the brand name of "Sustainability Trading and Consulting for Sustainable Development" on the World Wide Web, a sole proprietorship serving the sustainability industry and advocating the exchange of knowledge and technology for sustainable development in the global marketplace. We continue to promote the business of technology transfer and advise on trade and investment opportunities in technologies for sustainable development.

Rasim S. Abderrahim

Founder & Director

Action for Sustainability - What I do and for which industries

trade and investment for sustainable development

We collaborate globally with private companies, business organizations, and scientific research institutions to promote innovation in knowledge and technologies, to support SMEs' investments in sustainable industries, and to increase international trade in environmental goods and services, sustainable products, and BioTrade goods as well as natural and organic ingredients and products. 

One example of our current activities is  promoting joint venture investments in the industrial and value-added sectors in new environmentally friendly goods and services. 

Action for Sustainability

international business for sustainable development

We embrace, support and enact within our sphere of influence the principles of  trade for sustainable development.

Our Core is promoting International Trade and Investments in Knowledge and Technologies for Sustainable Development. In addition to products of the global BioTrade initiatives, we are following up closely on the following:

  • Sustainable Products 
  • Green Materials 
  • Environmental Good and Services
  • “Natural” and “Organic” Ingredients and Products
  • Bio Trade Goods for the Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals, Agricultural, and Biotechnology Industries
  • Medicinal and Aromatic Plants
  • Herbs and Extracts
  • Essential Oils
  • Botanical Raw Materials
  • Genetic Resources   


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We strive to make the best use of the digital ecosystem of the modern global economy, and collaborate with and reach out to our stakeholders and partners 24/7. Have a question about our "trade support services practice", or want to collaborate in advisory services for sustainable development? Send us a  message, or give us a call. We're always happy to meet new partners!



This section is not literally a blog, but a place where you can find out about our latest activities, or read about our plans or plan of action(s) in the areas of Action for Sustainability and Knowledge and Technologies for Sustainable Development.